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Vapour Blasting

Vapour blasting is a non-aggressive surface prep and cleaning technique that has been specifically developed for applications requiring finer finishes. Combining high pressure air and water with fine ceramic blasting media, this technique can remove dirt, contaminants, rust, corrosion, and old paint from a wide range of surfaces without any damage to the component, leaving a "satin" better than factory finish. The process is gentle enough to clean internal engine components such as pistons and valves, yet strong enough to remove most paints off casings and other parts. 

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Vapour blasting FAQs

Q- Can vapour blasting remove paint?

A- Yes, most paints can be removed without affecting the surface of the material underneath. Powder coating can not be removed however and an pre blasting acid dip or more aggressive blasting method used. 

Q- Can i leave bearings and other components assembled for blasting? 

A- It is near impossible to remove all blasting media from a bearing and these must be removed or sealed off before blasting along with any other high risk components, we can assist with this. Most parts can be blasted while still assembled but there is always a risk of left over blasting media being tough to remove so this is done at the customers own risk. We can advise on this on an individual part basis. 

Q- Can you blast complete engines?

A- in short YES, this can by done, however extreme care must be taken to ensure blasting media doesn't enter the engine. Making bungs and plugs for ports and breathers can be a lengthy process so this service can be expensive. We have blasted plenty of complete engines with great success however this service is offered at the customers own risk and an advise and disclaimer form will be need to be signed before commencing work. 

Q- What does it cost? 

A- We charge vapour blasting out at £120/ hour for the first hour and £80/ hour after that. Plenty can be achieved in an hour and a typical set of large motorcycle crank cases would normally take around 45 min. Money can be saved if the components are fully disassembled and de greased prior to being dropped with us. Price discounts offered for large batches and return customers. 

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