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Carburettor Repairs and Rebuilds

Carburettor restorations are our most popular service outside of paintwork and we deal with carbs for almost any type of vehicle. 

Our strip and rebuild service combined with vapour blasting and ultrasonic cleaning helps to remove dirt and corrosion inside and out and generally brings the carbs out looking and running like brand new. 


This service consists of a complete strip down to individual components and thorough inspection. All aluminium and brass components are then vapour blasted, flushed, then ultrasonic cleaned along with all fixings, linkages and internal components. A thorough rinse and blow out of all air and fuel passages follows, ensuring all blasting and cleaning media is removed.


Jets are checked for blockages and floats checked for leaks. The unit is then re assembled and all worn/ damaged parts, perishables and gaskets are replaced and rebuilt.

Where applicable carbs are then accurately bench balanced, float heights set, the complete unit is leak tested, mechanisms are lubricated and left ready to install back to the engine. 

If the engine is in good condition, there are no vacuum leaks and the compression of each cylinder is equal, a further on the bike balance is not usually neccecery however a fine tune with a set of vacuum gauges is suggested. We can help with this if required. 

Our experience means we can offer accurate price estimates however there are many different types and styles of carburettors and nearly every job is different as some of the units we work on are over 50 years old! We will assess the unit on arrival and discuss the best solution prior to commencement of works.

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