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Motorcycle Paint and Bodywork

Ride and Restore specialise in classic motorcycle paintwork, bodywork repair and finishing. We have a great experience in producing the best quality finishes for your pride and joy whether its a full fairing sports bike, a 70s moped or a custom cruiser. 

We use only the highest quality water and solvent based paints and high solid 2K urethane lacquers to leave a resilient, high quality, better than factory finish that's guaranteed to last.

What we can do: 

  • ​Plastic welding and repairs

  • Dent pulling and repairs

  • Fuel tank internal rust treating and lining

  • Colour matching and photometrics 

  • Decal printing, application and clear coating 

  • Painted detailing

  • MIG and TIG welding repairs 

  • Parts painting and powder coating such as frames, engine covers, wheels and brackets. 

Below is a small selection of our work from the past few years

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